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Your Partners in Producing Real Results

The local real estate market is robust, making it an excellent place to buy and sell property. The Experts at The Real Estate Education Center provide agents with the necessary resources to make succeed in this competitive market.   We also offer courses in the latest technology and trends.

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Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan has served as a Continuing  Education Instructor for the last two decades.  During his time here, he has used his considerable public speaking skills to mentor real estate agents, build up real estate producers, and provide training in the form of live and virtual trainings to licensed agents across the State of Utah.  Mike has a long history of success in the field of real estate. He has trained thousands of real estate agents, mentored hundreds of real estate producers, and provided quality continuing education classes, enabling real estate agents to stay up-to-date on relevant industry topics. He has been recognized with numerous awards over the years for his dedication to the industry. When Mike isn’t at the office he enjoys taking part in a variety of leisure activities to keep his mind and body engaged. He is an avid equestrian, participating in performance equestrian shows and events throughout the year. He can often be found at rodeos in his free time. Along with these activities, Mike also works to promote Realtor safety, teaching courses for anyone interested in learning the proper way to store and use firearms. Mike’s combination of professional experience and personal interests make him an ideal candidate for the position of Head Instructor at The Real Estate Education Center. With his extensive knowledge and dedication to the real estate industry, Mike is uniquely qualified to ensure that real estate agents have the information and tools they need to succeed in the field.


Rachael Shaw

Rachael Shaw is a Senior Instructor at The Real Estate Education Center with years of experience in the real estate industry. She has extensive experience in public speaking, real estate agent mentoring, training, building real estate producers, and continuing education classes. Rachael has been providing one on one training to real estate agents to help them improve their understanding of the industry and develop their skillset. Rachael has an infectious enthusiasm for the real estate business that her students respond to. She always makes sure to deliver the material in a way that is reliable and easy to understand. As a result, her classes have always been filled to capacity and her students learn quickly and are able to grow their real estate business efficiently. Outside of her professional life, Rachael loves to watch detective dramas, ride horses, and explore the world of Star Wars. She loves to challenge herself with puzzles and riddles, and always looks for ways to give back to her community. Her positive energy and strong work ethic have been an inspiration to everyone she’s worked with. With her experienced background in the real estate industry, Rachael is an essential member of the team at The Real Estate Education Center and is dedicated to helping real estate agents reach their highest potential.

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